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TraxSource Interview


1. Tell us about your latest release Chosen Few DJs "The Theme"
I did the song because of the lyrics. It represented us & what we do as the Chosen Few DJs. We have the largest old school/house picnic in the world in Chicago once a year - always the weekend after the 4th of July which DJ Wayne Williams started in 1990. Actually, I think its more like a festival now seeing we had 30,000 people this past July. Chosen Few DJs are Wayne Williams, Andre Hatchett, Tony Hatchett, Alan King, Jessie Saunders & myself.

2. How do you define "House music?
For me house is a feeling, it's a movement, it's a culture. I think what we call house has lost its true representation because the media single-handedly gave it to many names: this is house, that's house, or garage this, tech that. When I was coming up you had House or Techno that's it, period.

3. What was it about Chicago in the 80's that made it such fertile ground for music?
Chicago at that time & even early 90s was the best place in the world to be for house music. You had Frankie Knuckles & Ron Hardy, you had some legendary clubs like Music Box, Power Plant and the Candy Store & you had mainstream & college radio playing this music that seemed to have emotionally touched people in a way no other music genre had at that time.

4. How's the house scene in Chicago at the moment?
I think its good but it has gotten a bit out of hand because everyone wants to DJ or be a promoter so they are kinda spoiling it for me. The scene has moved to bars instead of clubs on the South side of Chicago because people don't wanna pay a cover but you have the North side still doing some clubs... Red Dog reopened & I think that will be good for the scene & the city. I look forward to playing there.

5. What Tracks are really working the floor for you right now?
Of course my Ts' Box releases. :) The Mass Destruction tracks, the Jay Sinsiter is workin. Tortured Soul Spinna remix & this R. Kelly remix I just did called "Number One" is really crossing over well. I'm playing tons of disco edits & unreleased stuff - basically anything that has a melody & some soul with energy I'll play it.

6. What's your favorite country to DJ in?
I love Italy because the crowd is really into the music there. But Japan, Switzerland, Toronto & one of the best gig I did was in South Africa. They are holding it down right now with a really strong movement. I love to play all over the world where there is a love for the music.

7. The track "You" that you produced for R&B's man of the moment Raheem DeVaughan did really well in the US. How did that come about and can we look out for more collaborations?
Yeah man that was fun. A lot of people on the house scene really don't know about the Raheem project. I met Raheem through Jazzy Jeff & Kenny Dope and he was signed to Jive Records. Wayne Williams is the VP of A & R there and I had been hitting him with so many R&B and hip hop tracks at the time that when he found out we were all cool he thought it made sense to try me out on the record. I got the vocals, banged out the music and they loved it so it became his 2nd hit single. I definitely have more music coming in the R & B and hip hop genres. I'm working on Rhyme Fest‘s album right now & my first solo album which will feature a few heavyweights from the hip hop and the R&B world. Of course I am working on more house music because that's my first love. I'm working hard to bridge the gaps and hopefully produce good music for everyone.

8. Where do you see the house scene going? Do you see the younger generation getting into the soulful side of things?
Well I think the soulful side of house will always be around but it has formed into a more tech/house sound which I like. But if you look at it people wanna dance again so now R&B artist are doing way more house productions and remixes on their albums so that's a good thing cause it will widen the scope of things. I jus wanna challenge producers to make more good music and not all this noise that is out here. It has gotten way out of hand to me.

9. What technology do you prefer to use for DJ'ing at the moment Serato? Technics?
I use Serato with 1200s & love it. I held off for so long not using it but when I made the switch it was well worth it. Ahhhhhhh!!!

10. What can we look out for from Terry Hunter and Ts' Box ?
A lot of great music coming out on T's Box in 2010 & my solo album on Rosehip/EMI. The Mass Destruction album on Ill Friction & DJ tours all over the world so I can share my music with my family. I am also putting out a mixtape series of new music, disco/classic, funk & soul, breaks. etc. You can stay up on everything I'm doing by checking out or follow me on Twitter:

Check out Chosen Few DJs "The Theme" on T's Box

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